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Saturday, July 2, 2011


"There were eight grey, rectangular stones, standing on end, set in a rough circle. A ninth stone looked more like a rounded boulder which, although completing the circle, seemed rather out of place. Moss and lichens were slowly munching away on the stones and tiny puddles filled each and every nook and crack. The sky remained a dull grey but a tiny patch of sunlight appeared above us, giving the circle a sense of theatre. There were no signs of life around us; the only movement was the dripping from the leaves behind."

Lochbuie is a settlement on the island of Mull in Scotland about 22 kilometres west of Craignure. The name is from the Scottish Gaelic Locha Buidhe, meaning "yellow loch". The highest hill in the area is Ben Buie whose summit is 747 metres (2,451 ft) above sea level. There is a fine stone circle at Lochbuie with rhododendrons growing behind it. The stone circle has been known to mist up occasionally. An ideal place for mischievous deities to haunt.

Attribution: David Wyatt

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