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Monday, August 3, 2015

Masjed-e Shah Mosque

“It was but a short distance over the paved pathways, diagonally across the square, to Masjed-e Shah Mosque. I think, without doubt, that this is the most beautiful building in the world, though by now I had said this three times. Granted I have never been to the Taj Mahal, thought by many the world over to hold the title of world's most beautiful building and it certainly has a more romantic history, but I have still travelled extensively and visited many great buildings in many countries. Most, if not all, have been used to either worship a deity, or represent power in some way. But Masjed-e Shah Mosque, to my eyes, is just pure and simple beauty. To this day, I can picture so clearly the magnificence of the blue and white spectacle that opened before me. Crisp, neat and immaculate in every way, yet intricate, fragile and fine. Enormous and awe inspiring, yet delicate and light. Bright light. As if bathed by the heavens. I was truly awestruck.”

Excerpt From: Jamie.B Ernstein. “The Last Jew of Kabul."

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