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Monday, August 3, 2015

Royal Achaemenid Tombs

“But however remarkable Persepolis was, it was our next stop that really knocked my socks off. I thought that it would take something really special to impress me after Persepolis, but the Royal Achaemenid Tombs succeeded in doing just that. Massive, carved reliefs, cut into a sheer rocky cliff, appeared to be more what I would expect to see in the Valley of Kings, in Egypt, such was their colossal size. They imposed themselves on all around them, diminishing everything within sight. I was simply stunned by their immensity. They reminded me of Petra, in Jordan; made so famous by Indiana Jones in the movies. These tombs a ready-made set for a follow-up movie.”

Excerpt From: Jamie.B Ernstein. “The Last Jew of Kabul.”

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